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About Herebic Homes

Bill Herebic’s childhood memories begin on the jobsite.

colorado custom homebuilder bill herebicHe is a proud fourth-generation builder. From the time he turned 14, Bill worked onsite with his dad at Copper Valley Builders in Colorado Springs every summer, every break, every minute he could–he loved everything about it.

The same is true of Bill Herebic today.

With 35 years of custom home building, innovative design, and a degree from UCLA under his tool belt, Bill possesses profound experience, acute skill, and a hard-wired aptitude and love of the craft.

To hear him talk, the excitement of a 17 year-old foreman running crews twice his age, shines through. He still recalls them hollering, “Junior, we love working for you. You get the job done.”

Bill inspects and communicates every aspect of this often once-in-a-lifetime process to his client. “I have no secrets. I play no games. Nobody ever needs to guess what I’m doing.”

“Because this is what I was born to do, I feel like I’m uniquely qualified to deliver somebody’s dream home.”

Bill Herebic

Herebic Homes hands every client a project manual with every detail so they can follow along on this exciting journey. Every single bid and invoice is copied for Bill’s book and their book. Every item. Every bid. Every penny. Accounted for in black and white.

bill herebic and his family“I will never spend somebody else’s money for them. I design and build each home with great care.”

“People’s comfort in knowing where every dollar goes and when they can relax in front of their new fireplace is important to them, so it’s supremely important to me.”

Bill’s favorite part of homebuilding? The design. “Because this is what I was born to do, I feel like I’m uniquely qualified to deliver somebody’s dream home. I never rush the process. If they have a tight time requirement, we can do that, but if they want to dream and sleep on it, and dream some more, they deserve that luxury. This is special work. Like bringing a sculpture out of a block of granite.”

Once Bill considers his “favorite” part, many more “favorite parts” surface: The framing—seeing the dream come to life. Helping clients. Setting the trusses. Sheeting the roof. His collection of homebuilding antiques passed down from father to son, father to son. Employing the best craftsmen in the industry…

Bill Herebic loves to build homes. You’ll see.

Your home is where our heart is.

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