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Size and style matter in a new home, but home amenities in 2018 may be just as important. In fact, homebuyers in 2018 report feeling more concerned with their home’s amenities than its square footage. (A quick Google search of tiny homes even shows just how many fancy amenities 500 sq. ft. can hold!). Popular amenities change every year, but trends in 2018 are shaping up to be all about practicality and comfort. Homeowners in Colorado are especially interested in energy-saving features and storage solutions for their active lifestyle.

For the latest in home technology, built-in storage solutions and more, check out these top 10 home amenities in 2018:

Smart Home

Every year, technology gets smarter, and so do our houses. Homebuyers in 2018 want smartphone-ready homes, so they can control just about anything, from their security system to the ceiling fan, with a simple command. These high-tech amenities offer unparalleled convenience, energy efficiency and control, anywhere in the world from a mobile device. In a technology-driven world, it is no wonder smart homes are so popular.

  1. Programmable thermostat. Controlled with the touch of a button from anywhere via mobile device, programmable thermostats are not only convenient, they can also save tons of energy. For example, you can program your thermostat to a much lower temperature in winter when you’re away at work, and to turn up again when you’re on the way home.
  2. Integrated control. Imagine turning on the lights, heating up the hot tub and turning on the TV, all from the same device. Integrated home systems offer total control and monitoring from a single mobile app. Many of these systems even offer security camera feeds and energy usage monitors.

Practical and Useful

2018 homebuyers want a home that is as practical as it is stylish. Built-ins and storage solutions provide the perfect place for your kitchen and technology must-haves, while separate rooms help reduce noise and save time. Any of these amenities that help “control the chaos” and save time are a major trend this year.

  1. Built-in organization. A garage with floor-to-ceiling shelving, to a kitchen counter with clever hidden storage, built-in organization maximizes space to keep clutter to a minimum without sacrificing style.
  2. Walk-in closets. A must-have home amenity, walk-in closets help clear clutter and give homeowners a peaceful place to get dressed for the day. For many homebuyers, the bigger the better. Bonus points if that closet features sitting areas and extensive built-in storage.
  3. Separate laundry room. Across the board, homeowners agree: a separate laundry/utility room is a must. This designated space doesn’t have to be big, but it does need to reduce the noise of the laundry machines and hide those baskets of dirty laundry.

A Little Luxury

A house is so much more than a roof and walls; it’s home. These amenities help turn that home into a private personal sanctuary, where you can pamper yourself at the end of a long day.

  1. Full master bath. Who doesn’t appreciate a little “me time?” A bright and spacious master bath is the perfect place to enjoy your own personal spa. In fact, nearly 50% of potential home buyers are willing to pay more for an en suite master bathroom.
  2. Commercial upgrades. The trend toward commercial-grade kitchen appliances continues in 2018. Homebuyers want an upgrade in their new kitchen, and that includes commercial appliances, like instant hot water, tall faucet sprayers and double ovens.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor spaces are becoming just as important as indoor spaces to homeowners. The ideal home amenities in 2018 will make the backyard just as warm and inviting as the living room. Private and comfortable, these outdoor living spaces are the perfect place to throw a summer party… or just unwind at the end of the day.

  1. Exterior lighting. Warm and inviting, quality exterior lighting makes a seamless transition from indoor living to the outdoors. Lit pathways, bistro lighting, and core-drill lights are all popular features this year.
  2. Patios extend living space outdoors. A must-have for outdoor dining and entertaining, patios are a staging area for socializing, whether that’s sitting around a fire pit, hot tubbing under the stars, or enjoying an outdoor kitchen.


Environmental- and financial-savvy homebuyers know that an energy-efficient home can save on both emissions and money. This is especially true here in Colorado, where temperatures can swing dramatically throughout the year.

  1. Low-E storm windows. Did you know low-emessivity storm windows save 33% or more in heating and cooling costs?  The low-e coating on these windows also help protect the home’s furniture and carpets from UV damage. It’s no wonder that this amenity has been in high demand for several years in a row, especially here in sunny Colorado.

Home amenities in 2018 are all about supporting your lifestyle, with a focus on convenience, efficiency and comfort. Upgrading your new home to include these amenities will allow you to maximize enjoyment, and value, of your custom home.

Bill Herebic is a 4th-generation custom homebuilder in Colorado. Clients and tradesmen love to work with Bill because he’s honest and hardworking with every home done on time or early for 35 years and counting.