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Building a custom home is exciting. The possibilities in a new custom home and creating house plans are almost endless. You have limitless options and the opportunity to create something very special. A home you will treasure forever. And I love to spend my days helping people make that dream come true. The one big thing that most people forget or don’t realize about the house plans is efficiency.

There are certain measurements in building a house that are efficient and others that are not. What I mean by that at its most basic level is this: wood comes in standard measurements. Builders are very aware of those measurements, not all designers are. I probably repeat dimensions in my sleep at night.

Some architects, designers, online plan services, and others may not always account for those efficiencies and the amount of time and money a homeowner saves by designing a house plan around those standard measurements.

I certainly do. And for over 30 years, I always have.

That knowledge and forethought of efficient measurements doesn’t adversely alter the homeowner’s dreams, only their bottom line–in a positive way. And that’s important to me, and all of my clients.

I make sure a homeowner can check everything off their wish list for their dream home. But keeping that in mind, they will also save time and money. Are there exceptions? Most definitely. But wouldn’t you like to know if adding a foot to your living room costs a lot or very little?

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is another important, money-saving aspect of building a custom home. This planning can save the homeowner piles of money over the lifetime of their home.

When planning a custom home for energy efficiency I often start with the home’s orientation on the lot. I determine how we can maximize the use of passive solar gain while reducing summer heat. Along with this is the design and location of windows on your new custom home. In Colorado we have great rays all year long so I take that into account when designing a custom home.

Efficient heating design is a critical aspect of efficient home design, as heating costs tend to eat up almost 50% of your home’s energy bill. Smart design and insulation are both critical. New technology is making this area a fun one to design in Colorado custom homes. Smart home technology is valuable aspect of a new custom home, increasing your comfort and saving you money.

Building a custom home is a wonderful opportunity not everyone is able to enjoy. So try to do just that. Find a custom homebuilder who helps you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime process. Work with someone who knows how to give you exactly what you want and more while saving you money and investing in your future.

Home Design

Working with clients on the design is my favorite part of being a custom homebuilder. Because this is what I was born to do, I feel like I’m uniquely qualified to deliver somebody’s dream home. I never rush the process. If they have a tight time requirement, we can do that, but if they want to dream and sleep on it, and dream some more, they deserve that luxury. This is special work. Like bringing a sculpture out of a block of granite.

Find a custom homebuilder who respects your dreams and knows how to craft house plans with beauty and efficiency in mind.

Bill Herebic is a 4th-generation custom homebuilder. Bill’s decades of hard work and honesty mean clients and tradesmen love to work with him resulting in every home being done on time or early for 35 years and counting.