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Benjamin Franklin was famous for (a lot of things) saying, “I wake up every morning at nine and grab for the paper. Then I look at the obituary page. If my name is not on it, I get up.” So I’d say Ben, basically, grabbed his phone for status updates before he got out of bed. Being assured, in print, he was alive was enough to get him going in the morning. I think he would have skipped the obit page and hopped out of bed, after he put on his bifocals, if he had spa-like bathrooms awaiting him.

A spa-like bathroom in a high-end custom home is a great way to start your day.

It’s like the difference between a cluttered desk and one where everything is exactly where you need it to be.

Having built homes for over thirty-five years of my life, I have had the pleasure to design some really spectacular spa-like bathrooms. And the home owners say it’s a dream to start the day in such a perfect space. It starts their day off in the best way possible.

I suggest you brainstorm a list of bathroom “love-to-have’s” and go from there. Sure, you might not get all of your wish list items, but it is fun (and free) to dream.

Prioritize those wishes to help organize the process. And don’t forget these favorites of mine when designing high-end spa-like bathrooms:

1. New Best Friend: Heated Tile Floors

Want your first steps of the day to feel like you’re wearing fluffy socks straight from the dryer? Then you need heated tile floors in your bathrooms.

Heated bathroom floors feel like a luxury. You’ll wonder how you lived without them.

And they aren’t as expensive as you might think. Especially when you plan for this before you build, costs can be easily maintained. Planning ahead never felt so good!

And the daily expense is negligible. They say an average size bathroom costs less than a nickel an hour to warm. I’d toss someone a nickel for warm floors in the morning or when I’m getting ready to relax and wind down at night.

2. Amazing Tubs

Have you seen the gorgeous tubs online? They are a perfect combination of fashion and function!

A deep, luxurious soak in a statement piece is relaxing and a great break from the hurry. Endless tub fixture options make this beautiful bathtub option easily personalizable and adds to your delight and relaxation.

spa-like bathroom with relaxing huge tub. colorado mountains view through window.3. Custom Showers

Some folks are opting to forego the tub in their owner-suite bathroom area and use the extra space for an enormous zero-entry shower with all the bells and whistles.

You can have a wide variety of relaxing, refreshing options. Strategically fill the walls and the ceiling with all kinds of heads (rainfall, massage, high pressure), wands, misters, spigots, knobs, jets, bars, or customizable shower columns or panels.

We also give thought and planning to where the water controls are located to keep you dry until you’re ready to soak it up and if you’d like built-in shower seating or amenity cubbies.

Thermostatic controls are for the exacting folks who want to find their ideal water temperature and enjoy that day, after day, after day, after day. The water in these showers is fed by way of the hot and cold water supply with an internal valve that mixes the water to maintain a constant water temperature.

Custom lighting, chromotherapy, and sound with digital displays are great in-shower options to fire you up to take on the day or slow the pace and chill out or even set the mood. Control your sound, temperature, and lighting options through bluetooth on your phone or touch screens.

Platings, i.e. chrome, brass, etc. change up the look in your spa-like shower area. And some fixtures come in dozens of colors too. So. Many. Options.

luxurious spa-like bathroom in Colorado custom home

If you want the tub and shower experience, that can be accomplished. And if you’re leaving them separate as was tradition, that totally works. But if you want to combine the tub and shower area, most call it a “wet room”. We design an area where you move easily from one experience to the other, all while staying warm.

The “chance of showers” in today’s modern, custom home is a welcome forecast. You will love getting all wet.

4. Smart Spa-Like Bathrooms Layout

A smart, spatial layout for your new, custom, spa-like bathrooms is important. If you plan ahead, you benefit from a good flow. Your bathroom, walk-in closet, and laundry room can be designed so all tasks and items needed are right where you need them to be. Give yourself enough room. Space is difficult to add later. You may also want to consider a design that ages well with you–wider doorways, strategic spots for grab bars, zero-entry, no-trip shower access.

A custom builder takes the time to strategically layout this high-use area so it serves everyone well now and in the future.

5. Modern Custom Home Bath Storage

Somehow the items under our sinks tend to multiply while we sleep. You start out with a few cotton balls, first aid items, and some extra shampoo. And next thing you know, travel toiletries are piling up like sand on the shore and solutions for every ache and cough are crammed in stacks by the seventeen sizes of band-aids.

custom home builder installing shelving for storage in bathroom As you know, storage is important throughout your custom home, especially in the bathroom. And storage options can be a classy, beautiful part of your bathroom design. Think: Open shelving with rolled towels, a few plants, and a candle or two. Or a towel caddy exactly where you need it.

Plan ahead for enough storage and go for the “gold star” by making some pretty storage too.

6. VIP Seating: Toilets

I saved this one for the end…oh dear. But I’ll get right to the point. You have lots of toilet options.

It certainly wasn’t that way when I started working for my dad in the custom home industry decades ago–you know, back when Ben Franklin was checking the paper. Nawww! But today, you may want to plan a little more time for toilet shopping.

You have options for:

  • Height
  • Color
  • Illumination
  • High-efficiency
  • Built-in bidet
  • Warming seat
  • Soft-close seats
  • No-touch flush

You didn’t believe me, did you? There are more features in toilets these days than a car wash. It’s amazing the variety of options to consider when you design your “VIP seating” in your custom home bathrooms.

Please, don’t let these suggestions overwhelm you. You don’t need all of these things in your custom home! The friends and family (and furry friends) in your home are what make it amazing. But I hope this list helps you dream of the features you’d enjoy in your spa-like bathrooms.

That’s the great thing about a custom home. It is designed and built to serve the family well for years or decades or generations while also providing a great investment. So, if spa-like bathrooms sound like a wonderful idea for your custom home, let’s design it to serve and delight you. Let’s start and end your day with a great big smile on your face.