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As a custom homebuilder for over three decades, I understand the importance of creating efficient homes. There are numerous choices to consider in creating an energy efficient home. A few of the most important are the fenestration (more on this peculiar word in a bit), the water heating system, HVAC, and the kitchen appliances. These features change the feel and comfort of your home, and lower your energy bill. New homes are more efficient, when you focus on these factors:


As odd as it might sound, fenestration simply means windows, doors, and skylights. In an energy-friendly house, windows are key. A necessity is double paned windows, sometimes called dual or multi-paneled vinyl windows.

windows take in front range views modern energy efficientIn the construction of these windows, there are pockets of air between the two panes of glass, allowing for better inhibition of heat transfer. In other words, these modern windows keep the heat in the house … in the house. Double-paned windows also benefit the insulation of the home, reduce outside noise, lower energy bills, and help with complete comfort and temperature in the house.

Water Heating

New water heating systems make today’s houses more energy efficient, because 18% of energy use in houses goes to water heating.

Picking the correct water heater is very important because it can greatly impact your energy bill and affect your overall happiness. Selecting a water heater encompasses many unique aspects: cost and fuel type, size, and energy efficiency.

There are five main types of modern water heaters: conventional, tankless, heat pump, solar, and indirect. The addition of any one of these means savings and comfort and are another reason why today’s new homes are more efficient.


HVAC systems include “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning” systems. In new custom homes, they can also have air filtration and cleansing aspects. Colorado is filled with beautiful days where you want to throw open the windows and take in the fresh air, but an HVAC unit can assist in keeping the air clean, and keeping your house at a comfortable temperature on those other days.

An efficient HVAC unit is a fantastic investment, because they improve energy efficiency which reduces your utility bills. Innovative thermostats and comfort-monitoring systems feature automated scheduling based on your time at home and desired comfort levels. That way your system is not heating or cooling wastefully while no one is home.

By closely and accurately tracking the inside temperature of your home, your system learns when it needs to kick on and off to manage cycle times effectively. Smart cycling means less wear and tear on your system and more reliable results. And less wear and tear means these energy efficient units last longer.

An excellent HVAC choice definitely makes new homes more efficient, when heating, cooling, and maintaining ideal comfort in your home.

Kitchen Appliances

New homes benefit from energy-efficient appliances. This includes many different options ranging from refrigerators, to dishwashers, to ovens. Dishwashers in new homes are more efficient because they use water effectively. Dishwashers that waste water, increasing your water and energy bills, have no place in a new home.

Refrigerators in a new home seal efficiently to keep the cool inside the fridge and freezer, not in your kitchen. On the other side of the thermometer, ovens should do the same. It is ideal for ovens to seal exceptionally well, because ovens that do not seal properly waste both time and money.Cooking times will be longer, and your energy bill higher.

New homes are more efficient when special care is given to the purchase of energy-efficient and fiscally-responsible kitchen appliances.

In my experience as a builder, I have seen the formation and formulation of houses change, and I can say without a doubt that new homes are more efficient. When you are working with a custom home builder pay close attention to: the kitchen appliances, the system for water heating, HVAC, and the type, design, and quality of the windows. I love building energy-efficient custom homes in Colorado, and I enjoy researching innovations in creation of all Herebic Homes.

Bill Herebic is a 4th-generation custom homebuilder in Colorado. Bill’s decades of hard work and honesty mean clients and tradesmen love to work with him resulting in every home being done on time or early for 35 years and counting.