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As a custom home builder here in Monument, Colorado, I enjoy seeing many exciting new innovations in housing. This year is no different. I like to see new home features that truly enhance the value of the home or quality of life for the homeowner. New home features that require extra maintenance or won’t stand the test of time don’t excite me. But there are some exciting new ideas out there. If you want to get the inside scoop on what to include in your new custom-built house, these are some of the best and most exciting new home features:

Farmhouse Style

Home experts predict that the rustic and farmhouse styles will be the top design trends in 2018, and these include many exciting home features for a timeless look and feel.

Sliding barn doors

Yes, despite initial scrutiny, sliding barn doors are still a very popular home feature in 2018. Sliding barn doors complement rustic decor beautifully. They make a good conversation piece, and are often a better solution to wide doorways than pocketed doors. Because they don’t swing outward, sliding doors of any style are also practical solutions for hallways and entryways.

new home features

Exposed beams and vaulted ceilings

Vaulted ceilings add great visual appeal to a great room, and this impact is accentuated with exposed wood beams. An added bonus to vaulted ceilings is the natural light allowed to filter into a room. Also, they provide space for taller houseplants (another trending home feature).


Kitchen trends and features change quickly. Get a head start with your new home features by including these top kitchen ideas trending this year.


Small, white or stainless steel used to be quite standard, but large, dark sinks are popping up in kitchens. Trough-style sinks made with rustic materials like copper, concrete, and granite are expected to become more popular. Not only do they look great, they resist staining and scratching. And their large size makes them ideal for families.

Open kitchen shelves

The open-shelf concept is a trending feature in many new kitchens. They are a great way to show off dish collections, and also allow for better storage of large pots and bowls. Open shelving is especially attractive in rustic and farmhouse style kitchens.

Butler’s pantry

While expansive wine cellars continue to be a top luxury home amenity, they take up a lot of space. More homeowners are opting instead for an elegant butler’s pantries and wet bars. These areas are complete with a wine chiller (wine chillers are one of the top trending kitchen appliances).

butlers pantry custom home featuresEfficiency and Convenience

As our lives are become busier and more connected to technology, our homes need solutions to make things a little easier. These home features offer convenience and energy efficiency, to support a more eco-friendly and tech-savvy lifestyle.

Tankless water heaters

As homeowners continue to focus on energy efficiency, tankless water heaters are expected to be a trending feature this year. Unlike hot water tanks, which keep a set amount of water hot all the time, tankless water heaters provide hot water on an as-needed basis. Not only to these nifty new home features save on energy, they also save on space. Tankless water heaters are significantly smaller than hot water tanks, and are about 30% more efficient.

Charging stations

With multiple tablets, smartphones and other devices, families need a dedicated place to keep everything charged and organized. Instead of letting their devices clutter up counter spaces, homeowners are opting for charging stations. These custom areas are complete with hidden storage for cables, and outlets equipped with USB ports.

Dog-washing station

Smart glass

Imagine glass windows that have the ability to electronically tint themselves to the point of being completely dark. With a brand new new electronic glass tint system called “Halio.” Homeowners can enjoy full control over privacy and light with their windows. This smart glass system can reduce energy costs by up to 40%, and can even remove the need for blinds or curtains. Each window’s tint is activated through the Halio app, a remote control. And even by voice through Amazon Echo. In an era where new homes feature bigger, grander window, smart glass could become the next “must have” home feature.

Trends may come and go. But these exciting new home features have timeless appeal and boast unparalleled efficiency and convenience in an ever-busier world. We can expect many more exciting new innovations, designs and features for new homes. Stay tuned!

Bill Herebic is a 4th-generation custom homebuilder in Colorado. Clients and tradesmen love to work with Bill because he’s honest and hardworking with every home done on time or early for 35 years and counting.